Morgan Eiland Headshot

Morgan Eiland
Executive Producer and Composer

Morgan Eiland began his career as primarily a composer, but quickly discovered a talent for media production. After moving into production in Los Angeles in 2009, he has worked with A-list clients such as Fox, CBS, The History Channel, Electronic Arts (EA), Microsoft, and Sony, producing a wide range of content for a variety of distribution channels. His recent engagements include work as a consulting producer on Junk, a multi-award winning independent film from up and coming director Kevin Hamedani, which recently earned a distribution deal through Netflix.

Following Junk, Morgan worked with Fox on a variety of Digital Media initiatives, working concurrently on several award winning short films, such as Good Luck (Nevada City Film Festival) and Misdirection (Best Shorts Film Festival, LA).

Morgan has a BA and a BM from Northwestern and a MA from Michigan (Ann Arbor).